Should You Choose Rattan Conservatory Furniture in 2022?

There have been many “in fashion” types of furniture that were very popular to have in your conservatory over the last few decades. These have ranged from

the traditional natural waxed rattan style of furniture often referred generally to as “wicker”, to more traditional indoor wooden furniture sets with a harder backed chair for extra support.

However there is a growing trend over the last few years towards this more comfortable artificial synthetic rattan effect furniture, and I for one am really enjoying the change.

What are the benefits of synthetic rattan for indoors?

You may be rightly thinking, “isn’t that rattan stuff built for the outdoors?”, and yes of course it is, but there are many benefits to choosing this rattan for both inside your conservatory and outside in the garden.

  • Flexibility in the summer – you always have the option of bringing more chairs outside to seat your guests, very useful for those garden parties.
  • Save money with one set – you can simply own one set of furniture for both, saving you a lot of money in the process.
  • A more relaxed seat – the weave of the rattan effect furniture doesn’t become brittle and stiff with age, ensuring the chair is comfy well into its later years.
  • More options – with synthetic you can choose things like reclining furniture, which often becomes too tricky to do with the natural rattan furniture.
  • No maintenance – you aren’t required to constantly maintain the product during its lifetime, simply let it do its thing.

Not to mention that this furniture doesn’t actually need replacing ever, and will remain comfortable for years to come.

Where to purchase rattan conservatory furniture in the UK?

Non-Rocking/Rocking & Reclining Rattan Bistro Set in Stone Grey
Non-Rocking/Rocking & Reclining Rattan Bistro Set in Stone Grey from

After surveying a range of providers of this rattan furniture for your conservatory, I found that the brand Garden Centre Shopping UK had the most substantial range at the best price, including sofa sets, chairs and dining sets for your conservatory, allowing you to choose from a range of rattan colours including grey, latte and cappuccino (who fancies a coffee?!), and they aim to abide by the UK distance selling laws too.

Is Rattan Still Good in 2022?

Based on the fact that the weatherproof materials still hold strong 5 years on, we can gladly recommend rattan conservatory furniture for people looking in 2022, as it will likely last for another decade at least, making it the most durable type of conservatory furniture.

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