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Recent race results

Newquay Mens & U’16 Championships – Sat 20th & Sun 21st September 2008

Mens A Crew – Tom, Chris O; Scott, Chris M; Steve, Spud – 17th place (23rd in 2007)

Mens B Crew – Greg, John O, Murty, Clifty, Paul, Andy – 58th (57th in 2007)

U’16 Crew – Greg, Mikey, George, Laura, Rachel, Cameron – 6th (2nd in 2007)

The Mens weekend was beautiful and hot, sunny and relatively calm (compared with 2 weeks previously!). Disappointingly, it was not the success we’d hoped for. The Mens B Crew went out in Round One. The A Crew, who had finished 7th in the Tribute Challenge, were looking for a place in the Final, which did not materialise!

They won their first round easily, and came 2nd in round 2. So easily through to the Quarter Finals. Sunday was very calm, but they had a tricky heat in that all the crews were very close so it was going to be decided by the mark. Unfortunately Steve’s stretcher came out and it took quite a few strokes to fix, by which time they had dropped back and coud not get back up in time to get water on the mark. After the mark they held their place but finished in 6th on the last leg. They missed out on a place in the semi-finals by just a few seconds and were very disappointed. Still they are one of, if not the youngest crews racing in Mens A races – their average age is still only 18, so they’ve got years ahead to win it!!! Roll on 2009! 

The U’16’s had a better day! They won their first round and came second in the Semi Finals. The final proved a tougher race as it is over the full course, but they raced really well and finished in 6th place – a very good result for such a young crew: 4 of them will be able to race next year and a couple the year after too!!

Newquay Ladies Championships – Sat 6th & Sun 7th September 2008

Ladies A Crew – Annie, Helen, Sarah W, Emma, Caireen & Ali

Ladies B Crew – Polly, Sally, Fiona, Kate, Sarah A & Adelle

Well, Newquay is over for another year and as usual it proved very challenging!! Saturday morning was relatively calm for the first few rounds, but by round 6 the rain/wind arrived just as our Ladies B Crew set off. They raced really well (with novice and first timer at Newquay Adelle on board!) and came in 4th behind Falmouth A & B Crews and Devoran A, but ahead of Fowey B and Torridge A. Sadly for them, the wind then dropped right off and the next 2 rounds were very fast – giving enough faster times to push them out of the 2nd round.

The weather then got progressively worse and worse, and by race 13 conditions were atrocious! The Ladies A Crew set off with a relatively easy draw and finished 2nd to Caradon B Crew – through to Round Two. The racing was then abandoned for the day!

Sunday dawned a bit brighter but conitions were still very challenging and far from calm. We were drawn in the first race (typical!) against rivals Rock A and Devoran A crews. Coped better with the conditions and finished in 2nd place 3 seconds behind Rock.

We had a tricky draw for the Quarter finals against Newquay B, Caradon B, Mounts Bay B, Fowey A and Teign A – we have been racing close to Teign, Devoran and Fowey all season. We had a good race – it was incredibly close to the first mark, which caused the inevitable pile up on the first mark, during which we were sadly disqualified. Our second leg was a great race against Newquay B and for once we raced really well on this leg. The race was eventually won by Caradon B (17.35), 2nd Teign A (17.46) and we were 3rd (17.55). We would have missed a place in the Semi by 11 seconds (probably the time we were stopped on the mark!!)

So as usual so much of Newquay comes down to luck, but I think the right 6 crews still got to the final! 2009’s another season!

Tribute Challenge Overall Results

OK this is provisional but by my reckoning these are the overall Tribute results for 2008:

Mens A Crew – 7th (up from 13th in 2007)

Mens B Crew – 8th (up from 11th in 2007)

Ladies A Crew – 9th (down from 6th in 2007 – oh well someone had to let the side down – but we have lots of excuses!!!) 

Ladies B Crew –  = 7th (up from = 13th in 2007)

U’16 Crew – 4th (won it in 2007, but this year the crew has 2 U’14 rowers – well done!)

Overall Club – 6th (up from 7th in 2007! And it shows that the club as a whole is really improving!) I think Club results are: 1st – Mounts Bay, 2nd – Caradon, 3rd – Falmouth, 4th – Charlestown, 5th – Fowey, = 6th – us & Roseland!!)

Mevagissey Tribute Event – Sat 30th August 2008 – a really humid, slow day, but some good results…

Mens A – (Tom, Chris O, Scott, Chris M, Steve, Spud) – 7th (and so close to coming 6th!)

Mens B – (Greg, Mikey, John O, Murty, Paul, Jonathon) – 8th

U’16’s – (Greg, Mikey, George, Laura, Rachel, Cam) – 5th

Ladies A – (Anne, Helen, Sarah W, Emma, Caireen, Ali) – 10th

Ladies B – (Polly, Sally, Fiona, Laura, Rachel, Kate) – 7th

Fowey – Sat 23rd August 2008 – well we nearly didn’t get in and then Jason bust his other ankle so we were Chairpersonless, but we soldiered on (violins!!) and had a pretty good day! It was pretty rough outside the mouth of the river apparently but ok apart from the wind/tide rowing out!

Ladies A – (Anne, Emma, Caireen, Laura, Sarah A, Ali) – 11th

Mens A – (Tom, Chris O, Scott, Chris M, Steve, Spud) – 8th

Ladies B – (Polly, Sally, Roz – first race, Adelle – 2nd race, Rachel, Kate) – 9th (however it has been noticed that several crews had A rowers, so had it been a fair race they could have been much higher up the rankings!)

Mens B – (Mikey, Jonathon, George, Murty, Paul, Patrick) – 8th (but same as Ladies B race A rowers in  race)

U’14’s – (Rachel, Ash, Woody, Cam, Ferg, Fordy) – 2nd (but we were told that the winning crew had at least 1 over 14 year old so…….)

U’16’s – (Rachel, Mikey, George, Cam, Woody, Molly) – Bless them! Mikey and George had rowed Mens B, Rachel had rowed Ladies B and U’14, Cam & Woody had just rowed U’14, so the only fresh crew member was Molly and she wasn’t feeling very well! – 6th

 Cadgwith – Sat 16th August 2008 – so close but, you guessed it – cancelled! (bad weather!)

Port Isaac – Sat 9th August 2008 – cancelled (bad weather!)

U’14 Championships – Hayle – Sat 2nd August 2008

Amazingly the rain held off and it was warm and windy! We took 3 crews which was brilliant! If it hadn’t been in the summer holidays we might have even managed a 4th crew!

The A Crew were 2nd in their First Round race and through to Round Two. They had a great race and beat Devoran and Caradon to first place and the 3rd fastest time of the 2nd Round. They then had a tough Quarter Final and came close 2nd to Helford and the 4th fastest time of the quarters. They had to race straight away in their Semi-Final – drawn against Cadgwith and Falmouth. Cadgwith won and Padstow raced in a close 2nd – they knew the times were vital for a place in the final. They got into the final against Cadgwith and Helford by 3 seconds! They had a really good start and were briefly in the lead, but then the strength of Cadgwith with their older crew of 6 lads started to show and they pulled away. It was a very close final with Cadgwith winning, Helford 2nd and Padstow 3rd! But 4 of the 6 will still be eligible to row next year, so roll on 2009!!!! 

Our B and C Crews raced brilliantly! For many of them it was their first race ever, and they showed lots of potential! We had several 9 year olds, so they will have 4 more U’14 Championships ahead of them! Plenty of time to practice! Both crews got into the Plate Race Semi-finals and the B Crew got through to the Plate Race Final and came 2nd!

All of the Juniors were a real credit to the Club and behaved with great sportsmanship!! Well done to all of you!!

Rame Tribute Event – Sat 26th July 2008

A beautiful really hot day on a very crowded beach! Great results for the Mens crews and Ladies B Crew. Sadly, the Ladies A Crew were a rower down and in swapped positions, so had a very disappointing result – but still 9th overall in the Tribute events so far! 

Mens A – 8th

Mens B – 8th

U’16’s – 5th

Ladies A – 11th

Ladies B – 5th

Vets – ?

Mixed – ?

U’14’s – ?

Coverack – Sat 19th July 2008

What a lovely day! Nice weather and a great atmosphere! Great racing, though pretty rough on the marks!

Mens A – 4th – brilliant result! (Mounts Bay 1st, Falmouth, Helford, Us)

Ladies A – 7th – well done Laura & Rachel! (Charlestown 1st, Falmouth, IOS, Mounts Bay, Helford, Roseland, Us)

U’14’s – 3rd (Helford 1st, Devoran, Us, Cadgwith) 

Mens B – 10th (MB 1st, Cadgwith, Falmouth, Helford, Roseland, Newquay, Charlestown, Zennor, Devoran, Us)

Ladies B –12th – Well done Adelle for your first race after 5 rows! (Falmouth 1st, IOS, Roseland, MB, Coverack (Lark), Devoran, Pendeen, Newquay, Charlestown, Meva, Coverack, Us)

U’16’s – 2nd (Helford, Us, Charlestown)

Mixed – Joint 5th (IOS, Falmouth, MB, Coverack, Us & Roseland)

Vets – 8th (Falmouth, Helford, Cadgwith, Porthleven, Pendeen, Roseland, Zennor, Us)


St Ives – Carbis Bay – Sat 12th July 2008

The rain held off and we enjoyed a sunnyish day – not a classic Carbis Bay day though! The swell made getting the gigs on and off the beach a bit hairy! Good results for the races we did take part in! The results shown in brackets are the official results with added time penalties for the age of the gigs (Vixen got a 20 second time penalty)

Ladies A – 3rd (5th – Falmouth, Mounts Bay, Us, Rame, Newquay….)

Ladies B – 7th (7th)

U’16 – 1st

U’14 – 8th

Mens A – 6th


Mixed & Vets Championships – Saltash – Sat 28th June 2008

A very long day, but lots of fun and good results! Alternately boiling hot or cold and windy!!


Round 1 – Won their heat   Semi-Final – 2nd   Final – 3rd!!! Brilliant result! Well done!


Round 1 – 2nd   Semi-Final – 4th


Round 1 – 3rd   Quarters – 1st   Semis – 4th


Round 1 – 2nd   Quarters – 2nd   Semis – 4th

So argueably the MIXED CREWS were 10th/11th or 12th – we’ll settle for 10th/11th but who knows which crew was faster?!!!!!!……. we’ll never know!

Falmouth Tribute Event – Sat 14th June 2008

A funny day! Mylor Harbour was the venue this year – a bit smelly and weedy and the view of the race involved a bit of a trek!! But the weather held off, despite looking ominous at times. We also left without knowing the results! But when we heard them, they were better than expected!!:

Mens A – 3rd in Heat 2 – 11th overall

Mens B – 4th in Heat 2 – 15th overall

U’16’s – 8th

Ladies A – 5th in Heat 1 – 7th overall

Ladies B – 3rd in Heat 2 – 14th overall

U’14’s – 2nd & 5th

Vets – Not sure, but think 16th or 17th


Rock – Sun 1st June 2008

What a brilliant day! Took 3 gigs over and had a wonderful day! The sun shone and the club won the overall trophy! Well done everyone!

Ladies Vets – 3rd (but the 2nd place gig contained 3 men! So 2nd really!!)

Mens Vets – 3rd

Ladies B – 1st  & Ladies BB – 8th

Mens B – 2nd  & Mens BB – not sure!

U’14’s – 1st & 4th (well done!)

U’16’s – 6th (it’s worth mentioning that 1 of the crew had already rowed Ladies B & U’14’s, another 2 had rowed Mens B, and 2 others had just rowed U’14’s!! Only 1 fresh crew member!!!)

Ladies A – 4th

Mens A – 2nd – fantastic result!!

Padstow also won the overall club trophy! 


Zennor Sat 31st May 2008

Just took A crews for a bit of a loosener (especially for slacker Sarah after 2 weeks holiday!!!)

Mens A – 6th

Ladies A – 4th

Roseland Sat 24th May 2008

A bit of a cold and grey day but pretty god results across the board:

Mens B – 8th

Ladies B – 8th

Juniors – 6th (against mainly U’16s and with Ash and Ferg rowing!)

Mens A – 7th

Ladies A – 6th

Vets – 7th

Mixed – 7th

Charlestown Sat 17th May 2008

A dull day but the weather held off until the last race (then it more than made up for it!!). Really good turn out and great results all round! 

Ok it’s actually 12.20am & I’m off on hols tomorrow, but if I remember rightly results from today (well yesterday actually!!!!) are as follows:

Ladies A Crew: Sarah W. (6), Helen (5), Annie (4), Emma (3), Caireen (2), Ali (1) – 3rd

Ladies B Crew: Rachel (6), Sally (5), Kate (4), Ninette (3), Polly (2), Laura (1) – 5th

U’14’s – A Crew – 1st & B Crew 2nd!! Well done!!!!

Mens A – 8th (almost 7th!)

Mens B – 5th

U’16’s – 2nd

Mixed – 5th (pipped by Meva and hampered massively by a rubbish cox! Sorry! MUST TRY HARDER!!)

Vets – 3rd

Scillies World Championships 2nd-5th May 2008

What a weekend! 29 members of Padstow Gig Club and supporters arrived during the gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon!

The first race was the Ladies Vets Race from St Agnes back to St Marys. 38 crews rowed out in lovely calm conditions.

Ladies Vets Crew: Sarah A (6), Sally (5), Fiona (4), Ninette (3), Polly (2) and Kate (1)

They had a great race, coxed by Jason, and finished 10th overall – a fantastic result!

Then the Mens Vets Race got under way, also St Agnes back to St Marys.

Mens Vets Crew: John O (6), Jonathon (5), Steve K (4), Clifty (3), Paul (2) and Patrick (1)

58 crews started and coxed by Helen our crew raced in to finish 15th – brilliant!

So that was a really good start to the weekend!

Saturday 3rd May 2008

Unfortunately the weather was not quite as nice as Friday, so the Ladies Crews lined up at St Agnes with quite a strong wind and swell. 106 crews attempted to line up, but if you look at the photos you can see it was a bit of a scrum!

Ladies A Crew: Annie (6), Helen (5), Sarah (4), Emma (3), Caireen (2) and Ali (1)

We had a really good first part of the race and were right up there with the leaders, but then had a bit of a blip in the chop before settling down and racing back to finish 9th!

109 Mens Crews then set off into the sunset! Our B Crew borrowed Wasp.

Mens A Crew: Tom (6), Scott (5), Steve (4), Chris (3), Jason (2) and Spud (1) – cox Annie

Mens B Crew: John O (6), Murty (5), Steve K (4), Clifty (3), Paul (2) and Patrick (1) – cox Helen

The mens line up was apparently even more of a bundle than the ladies, but the Mens A Crew fought their way through and had a good race, finishing 20th place. (sorry not sure exactly where Mens B finished – somewhere between 73 and 84 – I think 82nd).

So it was on to Round 2 and the heats from Nut Rock back to St Marys. The Ladies A Crew were in the top heat A, so had to sit around at the start line for over an hour! It was freezing and miserable! We then had an awful race and finished in last place – and going down to heat B for the 3rd Round.

The Mens A Crew had a good race and went up to 16th place for Round 3. The Mens B Crew went up a few places and finished in 76th place overnight.

Sunday 4th May 2008

After a bit of a foggy start the mist lifted and a beautiful scorcher of a day arrived!

The Ladies A Crew had a much better race and came in 2nd to Pilgrim in their heat and went back up to Group A for the final – we were delighted!

The Mens A Crew maintained 16th position for the final and the Mens B Crew had a really close race and won their group, going up a group and into the final in 73rd position. They were very happy!

So eventually the Finals arrived and the Ladies had their best race of the weekend coming in 11th place! Very, very happy! The noise and cheering of all the gigs moored up and people on the quay was unbelievable and we were all really choked up!

The Mens A Crew had a brilliant race too and finished in 17th place overall – a fantastic achievement! The Mens B Crew went up still more places and finished 68th overall!

So 4 crews inside the top 17 IN THE WORLD!!! Not bad at all!!    

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