Results – 2005 / 2006 / 2007

Results from 2005 / 2006 / 2007



Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2007 – Newquay Mens Championships

The guys were disappointed to just miss out on a place in the quarter finals – it was just a few seconds, but they have years ahead of them and showed all season that they ‘ll be a force to be reckoned with next year!

Round 1 – Mens A Crew – 1st in Heat   Mens B Crew – 5th in Heat
Round 2 – Mens A Crew – 4th in Heat (I think?)

Mens A – 23rd out of 81 crews

Mens B – 57th out of 81 crews

Roll on 2008 – a year is a long time!!

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2007 – Newquay Ladies & U’16 Championships

What a fantastic weekend and what brilliant results for the club!

Round 1 – Ladies A Crew – 1st in Heat   Ladies B Crew – 4th in heat
Round 2 – Ladies A Crew – 1st in Heat   Ladies B Crew – 5th in heat (same heat as ours!)
Quarter Finals – Ladies A Crew – 3rd in Heat to Falmouth A & Roseland A – 7th overall and through to the Semi’s for the first time in years!
Semi-Finals – Ladies A Crew – 2nd to Falmouth – a fantastic race with us in Dasher! Then a tense wait for the 2nd Semi to finish….did Caireen hear our time correctly?…..YES – through to fill the last berth in the FINAL by 1 second! (just pipped Charlestown!)
THE FINAL….1st Falmouth, 2nd Caradon, 3rd Roseland, 4th Mounts Bay, 5th Newquay, 6th Padstow – 6th but who cares?! Very happy with that!

Ladies A – 6th out of 74 crews

Ladies B – 42nd out of 74 crews

Round 1 – U’16 Crew – 1st in Heat
Semi-Final – 2nd in semi to the huge Fowey Crew!
THE FINAL….1st Fowey, 2nd Padstow, 3rd Falmouth, 4th Helford, 5th Par Bay, 6th Scilly
A brilliant and close fought final – an amazing result – 3 of the crew will still be U’16 next year!

U’16’s – 2nd and winners of the overall Tribute Challenge Trophy

Saturday 1st September 2007- Roseland

A lovely event in the sun again at St Mawes. Some really good results again!

Mens B – 5th

Ladies B – 7th (almost 6th!)

U’16’s – 3rd

U’14’s – 2nd

Mens A – 9th

Ladies A – 3rd

Mixed – 3rd

Vets – 12th (I think!)

Saturday 25th August 2007 – Fowey

A beautiful day at Fowey, though the hottest races any of us could remember in a long while! Good all round club day and overall the club finished 2nd to Fowey again!!

Ladies A – 6th

Mens A – 5th

U’14’s – 1st (yippee!)

Ladies B – 3rd in 2nd heat – 11th overall

Mens B – 6th

U’16’s – 4th

Vets – 8th

Mixed – 5th

Saturday 11th August 2007 – Charlestown

A fantastic day for the whole club! Fantastic weather, great results and the lads playing in the pub until the early hours! The club as a whole were runners up to Fowey.

Ladies A – 1st (yippee!!)

Ladies B – 5th

U’16’s – 3rd

Mens A – 7th

Mens B – 12th

U’14’s – 1st (yippee!!)

Mixed – 1st (whoopee!!)

Vets – 6th

The complete results can be seen on the image of the score board in the Charlestown gallery!

Saturday 4th August 2007 – Port Isaac

Well probably a day we don’t want to be reminded of, but before Petroc was damaged the results were as follows:

U’16’s with only 5 rowers – 1st

U’12/14’s – 4th (?) need to check

Ladies B – 2nd (Zennor won)

Mens B – unfortunately had to withdraw after Petroc was hit and badly damaged on the first mark

The rest of the event was cancelled after another incident.

Saturday 21st July 2007 – TRIBUTE CHALLENGE SERIES – RAME

What a great day – the threatening grey clouds held off for most of the day and it was warm and sunny! Really good results and a successful club day!

Mens A – 7th
(Caradon 1st – 11.50m / Falmouth 2nd – 11.54m / Roseland 3rd – 11.58m / Fowey 4th – 12.02m / Zennor 5th – 12.04m / Rock 6th – 12.07 / Padstow 7th – 12.09)

Mens B – 14th (13.20m)

U’16’s – 1st!! (well done!) – Helford 2nd & Fowey 3rd

Ladies A – 4th
(Caradon 1st – 13.20 / Roseland 2nd – 13.41m / Newquay 3rd – 13.46m / Padstow 4th – 13.48m / Teign 5th – 13.56m)

Ladies B – 9th
(Roseland 1st – 14.09m / Caradon 2nd – 14.26m / Newquay 3rd – 14.59m / Fowey = 5th – joint with Kensa(? – sorry!) – 15.08m / Teign 7th – 15.16 / Wolf 8th – 15.26m / Padstow 9th – 15.30m)

U’14’s – 2nd (Penryn 1st & Helford 3rd)

Saturday 14th July 2007 – CADGWITH COVE

It didn’t rain at Cadgwith! Hurrah!!! A lovely, very cosy Cadgwith Cove filled with about 600+ rowers and 24 gigs!!! Great day and night! Padstow Gig Club know how to boogy!

Vets – 10th

Ladies A – 5th

Mens A – 16th

U’16’s – 2nd

Ladies B – 15th

Mens B – 9th

U’14’s – 4th

Mixed – = 6th

Saturday 7th July 2007 – ST IVES (Carbis Bay)

A beautiful, sunny day at Carbis Bay with some very successful racing!

Ladies A – 1st

Ladies B – 3rd

Juniors – We entered an U’12/14 Crew and an U’16 Crew and no other clubs had any junior crews so we raced ourselves! And won!!

Mens A – 4th

Mens B – 2nd

Vets – unfortunately we didn’t have enough Vets!

Mixed – Fab race but unfortunately got disqualified!!


The wettest, coldest day since Cadgwith 2005, but what exciting rowing!

Mens A – 20th

Mens B – 12th

Ladies A – 6th

Ladies B – 11th

Unfortunately, U’16’s & U’14’s races were cancelled as it was so rough!


Saturday 16th June 2007 – U’14 CHAMPIONSHIPS HAYLE

What a great day – our U’14 Crew rowed brilliantly all day and the final result was:

1st – Penryn

2nd – Helford

3rd – Padstow

See the full report on the U’14’s page! Well done all of you!


Sunday 10th June 2007 – ROCK (Daymer Bay)

Fabulous day and so much fun had by everyone!

Vets Crew – 4th

Junior Crews – Our U’14 Crew – 1st and our mixed U’16/U’12’s Crew came 2nd! (thank you to little Laura from Rock who rowed with them!)

Ladies B Crew – 6th

Mens B Crew – I think 3rd

Ladies A Crew – 1st

Mens A Crew – 2nd

Mixed Crew – 1st

We also won the overall winners trophy!



A beautiful sunny day on Gyllyngvase Beach

Mens A Crew – 13th

U’16 Crew (with 2 U’14 crew members!) – 3rd

Ladies A Crew – 8th

Ladies C Crew – 5th


Saturday 19th May – ZENNOR (Sandy Cove, Newlyn)

Lovely day, but with a bit of a fresh easterly!

Mens A Crew – 7th

U’16 Crew – 2nd

Ladies A Crew – 5th

Ladies B Crew – 7th

U’14 Crew – 1st – Well done!

Mixed Crew – 6th

Vets Crew – 12th (well done though – 1 person who had never rowed stroke in a race, 3 people who’d never raced before and 1 person who, how can I put this politely…. is almost double the vets qualifying age!!!) 

As a club we came 5th overall  – Well done everyone, especially the U’14’s!



Unfortunately, due to injuries, the Ladies A Crew were unable to enter a crew, however the Ladies B Crew did us proud and had a really strong race beating 4 other crews and coming in 2nd to Rock Ladies A Crew. The returning Mens Crew containing 4 of last seasons U’16 Crew had a fantastic race and came a close 2nd to the very experienced Rock Mens A Crew.

Ladies B Crew – 2nd to Rock Ladies A Crew

Mens Crew – 2nd to Rock Mens A Crew



Padstow Rowing Club Annual Report 2006 by Siân Howells

Wow! What a season it has been for the Rowing Club this year, in fact, it is the probably the most successful season that the club has had in its 18 year history. At the forefront of this success are the juniors. The under 16 crew of Steve, Josh, Scott, Tom, Chris and Murty were unbeaten for the entire season. The pressure was really on them to perform with the same success at the U16 championships held at Newquay on 23rd July. But, true to form, they cruised to victory in their heat, quarter and semi finals. Their nearest rivals all season were Par Bay but, luckily, clever seeding of the crews meant that they did not meet each other until the final.

The first leg was a real battle between them with Par having the better start. The Padstow boys, accompanied by screams of “keep ‘er goin” from the supporters in the following fishing boats, pulled their hearts out to overtake Par and beat them to the first mark. Thereafter the gap continued to widen and Padstow eventually won by several boat lengths, making them the under 16 champions for 2006.

Not to be out done the younger juniors have pushed to have their own crew as well and now Padstow has both an under 14 as well as an under 16 crew at events. On 15th July Padstow put 2 crews into the U14 championships at Hayle. Padstow A crew beat off competition from 25 other crews to finish 2nd overall to Helford while the B crew were 2nd in the plate race final.

U14 A Crew (L-R) Laura, Liam, Mike, Helen(Cox), George, Greg, Tom.

An article was subsequently placed in the North Cornwall Advertiser highlighting their successes and asking for sponsors for them as we did not have sufficient lifejackets for them all to row. Our thanks to Jonathon of Rock Marine Services who responded immediately and donated 12 lifejackets to the Club; enough for 2 crews. Thanks must also go to Padstow Town Council, the Blue Ribbon Party and Padstow Lions who have kindly donated funds towards the purchase of new oars and new lighter weight trolleys to enable the younger juniors to launch the boats.

With so many crews now wanting to row, there has been increased wear and tear on the boats and oars. We needed more oars/equipment and also money for maintenance; so on Sunday 10 September, the weekend of the highest tides, the juniors rowed to Newquay and back to raise sponsorship for the club. The 6 U16s accompanied by under 14s Laura, Greg and Mike completed the 30 mile round trip and raised approximately £2500 for the club. As they raised so much they have decided to donate £400 of this to the Coracle Appeal.

Back in May the Club was approached by Mrs Irma Harvey, who some may remember lived in Padstow during the 1950s. Mrs Harvey was a teacher at Padstow School from 1951 – 1956 and her husband Martin worked in the bank. Mrs Harvey contacted the Club to say that Martin had sadly passed away and would we be able to help scatter his ashes. On a very wet, windy, foggy Friday evening at the end of May, the gig Dasher set out towards the Iron Bridge with Martin’s son Tim as a passenger. Mrs Harvey and the remainder of her family watched from the bridge. It was quite eerie, because of the fog, Dasher could not be seen until it was almost at the bridge but the splash of the oars could be heard for miles. Suddenly the wind dropped and Dasher emerged from the fog. It was quite an emotional occasion for all concerned but ironically the weather conditions were perfect for it; we had the river to ourselves and the fog made it quite private.

Mrs Harvey was the secretary of the Ladies Guild who raised all the money for the two gigs Zelda and Gypsy and produced numerous photographs, newspaper cuttings and letters documenting this period in the rowing club’s history. She has kindly lent these records to me. She has also kindly donated a cup, in memory of Martin, to the Club to be presented to the most improved Junior each year.

So what of the adult crews? Well, the ladies have seen an increase in their rowing numbers so that they can put out 2 crews easily now and there is some competition for places! The A crew have continued to improve on their successes of last year and were hotly tipped to make the final of the County Championships (according to the CPGA website).

However, the course of victory rarely runs smoothly and an incident on the mark with another crew in the quarter final resulted in them missing the semi final by seconds. The other crew was disqualified but this was little consolation, although being placed 15 out of 75 is still quite an achievement.

The men have seen an improvement in their race fortunes too. There is hot competition for places in the crews with the older juniors wanting to compete in adult races as well. Often the U16s rowed twice at events competing in both the men’s B and U16 races.

This year saw the launch of the Club’s website (, which is a great way to keep track of the club’s progress and view photographs from the season. Rowing times are also published here too. The Club welcomes new members and the website is a great way to contact us to find out more information.

Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd September 2006 – LADIES CHAMPIONSHIPS

Well not what we’d hoped and aimed for…..

Ladies A Crew – 15th (out of 72 Crews)

Ladies B Crew – Unfortunately Disq Roll on 2007!

Saturday 19th August 2006 – FOWEY

Fantastic club day, even if we did get a bit drenched!

Ladies A Crew – 3rd (Caradon 1st, Roseland 2nd)

Mens A Crew – 3rd (in the second heat)

U’14 Crew – 7th Ladies B Crew – 7th?

Mens B Crew – ?

U’16 Crew – 1st – finishing unbeaten all season!


Saturday 5th August 2006 – COVERACK

What a great day for the club! Won the overall Trophy!

Mens A Crew – 6th (? not sure)

Mens B Crew (our U’16 Crew rowing as the Mens B Crew) – 1st

U’14’s Crew – 2nd Ladies A Crew – 1st Ladies B Crew – 1st U’16’s Crew – 1st

Mixed Crew – Disc

Vets Crew – 1st WOW!!!


Sunday 23rd July 2006 – U’16 CHAMPIONSHIPS – NEWQUAY

1st Place – see U’16 page for details


Saturday 22nd July 2006 – PORT ISAAC

Vets Crew – 4th or 6th – anyone remember?!

Ladies B Crew – 2nd

Mens B Crew – 3rd (our U’16 Crew rowing as the Mens B Crew)

U’14’s Crew – 1st

Ladies A Crew – 2nd

Mens A Crew – 6th

Mixed Crew – 1st


Saturday 15th July 2006 – U’14 CHAMPIONSHIPS – HAYLE

Well what a day! 26 Crews arrived with beautiful clear blue skies and a light breeze at Copperhouse Pool. After the first round our A Crew were in 6th place overall (time 3.49m). They then had a cracking second round to finish with the fastest time (3.43m).

The wind was really getting up by the quarter finals making the starting lines awkward (so I’m told!) but, in what turned out to be the same line up as the final, they had another good row and finished this round in 3rd place (3.45min). They then won their semi final in the fastest time again (3.46m) and lined up with Helford A and the Scillies in the Final.

It was such an exciting race with supporters running and cheering the length of the pool! It was very close the whole way finishing with Helford in first place, followed 4 seconds later by our crew and Scillies just behind in third.

A fantastic race and great to know their are plenty of young rowers showing so much enthusiasm! Well done all of you!!

The B Crew having only rowed once as a crew, and 4 of the 6 having rowed less than 4 times ever, put in a great effort and finished second in the Plate Race final (20th overall).

We’re all really proud of every one of you! Big thanks go to Helen and Sally who have been coaching the crews and coxed in the finals! Helen said “It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done!” and Sally barely spoke all day for nerves!!! She also wanted to say how well our crews behaved and got themselves organised!

A Crew (6-Greg, 5-Mikey, 4-Liam, 3-Tom, 2-George, 1-Laura)

B Crew (6-Becki, 5-Molly, 4-Rachael, 3-Jordan, 2-Cam, 1-Ashley)


The Final



Another good club day!

Ladies A Crew – 9th

Ladies B Crew – ? I think they missed you off the results page.

Under 16 Crew – 1st AGAIN!! This time over a much longer course with 3 marks!

Mens A Crew – 19th

Mens B Crew – 14th

Mixed – 4th



What a day! Well done everyone!

Mens A Crew – 22nd

Mens B Crew – 14th

Under 16 Crew – 1st again – a brilliant performance, especially as 3 of the crew had just rowed in the Men’s B full course! Came from behind to win by several lengths – keep it up!

Ladies A Crew – 7th

Ladies B Crew – 8th

Under 14 Crew – almost 3rd – very close photo finish, but finally given 4th.

Their first race and some of them had only rowed half a dozen times! A really good job!!!


Saturday 17th June 2006 – Vintage Pilot Gig Event, Carbis Bay, St. Ives

Under 16’s – First! What a win! Well done guys!

Ladies A Crew – 7th

Ladies B Crew – 4th

Under 16 Crew – 1st

Mens A Crew –

Mens B Crew –

Vets – 2nd



U16’s – FIRST!!! Yippee!! Well done!!

Mens A Crew – 17th

Mens B Crew – 11th

Ladies A Crew – 12th

Ladies B Crew – 11th


Sunday 16th April 2006 – Rock to Wadebridge River Race

Beautiful evening, great conditions!

Ladies A Crew – 1st

Ladies B Crew – 4th

Mens A Crew – 2nd

Mens B Crew – 5th

Overall Result – 2nd by 7 SECONDS!!!!

Ladies A crew relaxing after the finish

Ladies B crew in slightly blurry action!

Ladies B crew after the finish

Mens A crew

Mens B crew



Rowing Club Annual Report 2005 by Sian Howells

Padstow have enjoyed another season of rowing which has taken them across Cornwall and Devon throughout the summer. Events that they attended included St Ives, Daymer Bay, Mevagissey, Port Gaverne, Cadgwith, Appledore, Clovelly and Newquay.

The season and the weather were variable; lovely sunny days were spent on the beaches at Daymer Bay, Port Gaverne and Mevagissey where everyone was plastering on sun tan lotion whilst at Cadgwith it rained relentlessly all day and the new waterproof training tops were severely tested. Padstow made up for the rain in the “après rowing” by leading the singing in the Cadgwith Cove Inn. The accordions of Jason Nicholas, Callum Richards and Tom Willis proved more popular than the band in the gig shed!

Padstow regularly put out men’s A and B, Ladies A and B, a mixed crew and an under 16 crew at events. The ladies A and under 16s having the most successful season of the 5 crews. The juniors were denied a victory by their old rivals at Cadgwith but came second to them several times.

The ladies A crew usually finished in the top 5 but at Port Gaverne they won by such a convincing lead that they were back on the beach before the next crew crossed the finish line! Most events are well attended with in excess of 20 gigs to compete against.

On a wet 31 July the under 16s competed at Newquay in their championships. Twenty boats took part in 5 heats throughout the morning. Padstow drew against 2 teams from Cadgwith in the first round, and were very pleased to come second which put them into the next heat. They won the second heat comfortably to secure a place in the semi final. Of the eight boats in the semi final, the 2 winners and the 2 fastest losers would qualify for the final.

Unfortunately they missed out on being one of the fastest losers by 45 seconds! This put them in 5th place overall behind teams from Newquay, Cadgwith, Par and Falmouth. The under 16 crews are always an interesting mix of size and ability and there was no loss of face of losing to under 16 crews that featured crew members with beards and full sets! The majority of the crew will still be young enough to compete next year and are looking forward to improving their results.

The best weekend of the year was the weekend of 13/14 August when they attended Appledore and Clovelly. As a new club this year, it was Appledore’s first regatta. Despite the wet conditions Padstow swept the board winning every single race except veterans and only then because they didn’t have enough rowers over 40 to put in a crew! Many of the club camped overnight at Clovelly along with fellow rowers from Swanage, Weymouth and Port Isaac.

At Clovelly on the Sunday Padstow won both Ladies races and the U16. It was a notable victory for the U16s who only had 5 in their crew; many of them went on to compete in the Men’s B competition where they came 2nd. Padstow was the overall winner on both days and the club came back to Padstow with a haul of 10 trophies.

Another event of note was the visit from Cornwall Rowing Association Blind (CRAB) and their gig Dall Lewyer. The blind rowers rowed from Newquay to Padstow on 10 July and Padstow Rowing Club led by Jason Nicholas volunteered to escort them some of the way. Two Newquay fishing boats escorted the rowers to Trevose Head before Padstow’s gig Petroc took over and escorted them into the harbour. Due to trailer problems, the Dall Lewyer had to stay in Padstow for the week so the blind rowers decided to row from Padstow to Port Gaverne on 17 July. Once again Padstow Rowing Club volunteered to escort them. Unfortunately the blind rowers did not have enough people to make a full crew so Sian Howells and Hugo White went with them; one to row and one to cox. They had never had a female coxswain before Sian got in the boat and were complementary of the fact that she talked too much as they enjoyed the commentary! They had requested that their surroundings be described to them throughout the trip as without which they said the long row would’ve been very dull. The crews arrived in Port Gaverne to find the annual summer party in full swing complete with jazz band and barbecue. It was a reluctant Padstow crew that left the blind rowers to the hospitality of the Port Gaverne Hotel and rowed back to Padstow (a round trip of approximately 20 miles!!). Padstow Rowing Club was pleased to assist the CRAB rowers and a bond of friendship has been formed between the two clubs.

Training is continuing throughout the winter with ladies going out at 10am on Sundays and the men at 3pm. In addition there is boat maintenance to complete and plenty of fund raising. As the junior crew has been so popular this year, it has been decided to buy them their own set of oars.

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