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Race results 2010

Zennor – Sat 17th July 2010

What was forecast to be really rough & windy turned out to be flat calm, though a stiff westerly wind made the last leg extremely tough! (especially the second time round!) Good results for the ladies crews too!

MA (6-John O, 5-Ade, 4-Scott, 3-Chris Mc, 2-Greg, 1-Rob) – 9th

MB (6-John O, 5-Ade, 4-Scott, 3-Chris Mc, 2-Paul, 1-Rob) – 8th

LA (6-Rach, 5-Em, 4-Sarah W, 3-Helen, 2-Caireen, 1-Ali) – 4th

LB (6-Rach, 5-Em, 4-Sarah W, 3-Helen, 2-Ros, 1-Debbie) – 4th


Coverack – Sat 3rd July 2010

A lovely warm day and good results! I believe the club won overall!

MB (6-Jason, 5-Jonathan, 4-Pete, 3-Ed, 2-Paul, 1-Ade) – 11th

LB (6-Annie,5-Adelle, 4-Caireen, 3-Debbie, 2-N|at, 1-Kate) – 9th

MA (6-Greg, 5-Mikey, 4-Scott, 3-Chris Mc, 2-John O, 1-Chris O) – 3rd

LA (6-Rachel, 5-Em, 4- Annie, 3- Helen, 2-Sarah W, 1-Ali) – 2nd

Mixed (6-Caireen, 5-Em, 4-Jason, 3-Chris Mc, 2-Sarah W, 1-Rob – 1st!

Vets (6-John O, 5- Helen, 4-Ed, 3-Johnathan, 2-Paul, 1-Kate) – 2nd or 3rd

Mevagissey – Sat 26th June 2010

An absolute scorcher of a day! Flat for most of the day but with a nice breeze. Not the best results we’ve ever had!!

MA (6-John O, 5-Spud, 4-Scott, 3-Chris Mc, 2-Greg, 1-Jonathan) – 6th in 2nd heat – 21st overall (14.18 min)

MB (6-Jason, 5-Mikey, 4-Tom N, 3-Ade, 2-Steve, 1-Rob) – 14th in 1st heat & overall (15.36 min)

U’16 (6-Siobhan, 5-Bea, 4-Harvey, 3-Chris, 2-Dan G, 1-Matt) – 12th – a great row for a crew of 12 & 13 year olds + 1 14 year old with a burst ear drum (we discovered later!)!

LA (6-Rachel, 5-Em, 4-Anne, 3-Helen, 2-Sarah, 1-Ali) – 11th

LB (6-Caireen, 5-Adelle, 4-Sarah A, 3-Debbie, 2-Nat, 1-Kate) – 18th

U’14 (6-Harvey, 5-Bea, 4-Dan G, 3-Chris, 2-Kyle, 1-Matt) – 10th? I think!

Vets Championships – Sun 20th June 2010

Mens Vets (6-John o, 5-Ed, 4-Steve K, 3-Jonathan, 2-Paul, 1-Patrick) – 2nd in plate semi-final

Ladies Vets (6-Sarah W, 5-Helen, 4-Fiona, 3-Kate, 2-Sarah A, 1-Stef) – 2nd to Rock in Plate Final

Mixed Championships – Sat 19th June 2010

Mixed A (6-Rachel, 5-Helen, 4-Annie, 3-Chris O, 2-Greg, 1-Chris Mc – not sure these were the positions?) – Knocked out in Quarter finals

Mixed B (6-John O, 5-Jonathan, 4-Scott, 3-Ali, 2-Caireen, 1-Debbie – not sure these were the positions?) – D/Q’d

Mixed C (Tom, Mikey, Ed, Kate, Nat, Adelle – no idea who rowed where!!) – plate race

Falmouth – Sat 12th June 2010

Mens A – 16th

Mens B – 15th

U’16 (with a VERY little crew!) – 5th

Ladies A – 10th

Ladies B – 19th

Rock – Sun 23rd May 2010

Ladies Vets (6- Sarah W, 5-Helen, 4-Fiona, 3-Sarah A, 2-Ros, 1-Kate) – 4th/18

Mens Vets (6-Steve K, 5-Jonathan, 4-John O, 3-Ed, 2-Paul, 1-Patrick) – 10th/22

Ladies B (6-Nat, 5-Adelle, 4-Fiona, 3-Ali, 2-Kate, 1-Debbie) – 14th in 1st heat

Ladies BB (6-Ros, 5-Sarah A, 4-Amanda, 3-Lauren, 2-Siobhan, 1-Stef) – 15th in 2nd heat

Mens B (6-John O, 5-Murty, 4-Steve K, 3-Ade, 2-Ed, 1-Rob) – 7th in 1st heat

Mens BB (6-Mikey, 5-Patrick, 4-Jason, 3-Jonathan, 2-Paul, 1-Andy) – 7th in 2nd heat

U’14’s – 1st!

U’16’s (same crew!) – 4th

Ladies A (6-Caireen, 5-Rachel, 4-Anne, 3-Helen, 2-Sarah W, 1-Em) – 9th in heat 1

Mens A – 8th? not sure!

Mixed – 5th & 8th – hilarious!! Sarah W got dunked!


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