2012 Photos and Results

Reults from our 2012 season and links to photos on Facebook

Sat 8th & Sun 9th September 2012 – Newquay Ladies Championships

LA Crew: 6-Annie, 5-Emma, 4-Caireen, 3-Ali, 2-Sarah, 1-Liz – 12th out of 92

LB Crew: 6-Ros, 5-Helen, 4-Kate, 3-Emma L, 2-Leisa, 1-Steph – 56th out of 92

For once a very calm and sunny weekend with flat (yes flat!) conditions! Amazing! Ladies B had the very first race on Sat am & unfortunately missed out on a place in round 2 by 3 seconds, so that was it for them! 

Ladies A Crew waited till 1pm to race & won their heat. Also won their 2nd round heat, so easily through to the quarter finals (last 24) where things got much more tricky!  

Sunday morning and of course we were in the first heat against Newquay B, Truro A, Swanage A, Mounts Bay B, & Fowey A. After the 1st mark we were in 3rd place, but after a fantastic 2nd leg where we rowed past Fowey & to finish in 2nd place 7 seconds behind Swanage A. So through to the semi finals and up against Salcombe A, Scilly A, Teign A, Newquay A & Caradon A. It was very close to the 1st mark, but Newquay & Caradon got around first & then a bit of a pile up behind knocked us into 6th place where we then had to battle through huge wash from the support boats! The 3 slowest in semi 2 were the 3 slowest semi times (we added over a minute to the time we’d done 3 times, so I guess that wash didn’t help!) But as usual the right 6 teams got into the final and the awesome ladies from Falmouth won again! We bow to you ladies!

Photos from Newquay here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.527929253888834.139617.215565618458534&type=1&l=41292ee45a 

Sat 1st Sept 2012 – Mounts Bay

Fabulous day, lovely weather, if a little windy!

MA Crew: Borrowed a Stroke side and had 5-Scott, 3-Peter, 1-Andy – 7th

LA Crew: 6-Annie, 5-Helen, 4-Fiona, 3-Ali, 2-Sarah, 1-Liz – 3rd, but almost 2nd!

MB Crew: 6-Dave, 5-Bob, 4-Paul, 3-Sean, 2-Steve, 1-Andy – 11th

LB Crew: 6-Ros, 5-Emma, 4-Kate, 3-Ali, 2-Leisa, 1-Nadia – 7th

Vets Crew: 6-Ros, 5-Emma, 4-Paul, 3-Sean, 2-Dave, 1-Bob (I think this was the crew?) – 10th 

Photos from Mounts Bay here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.524927914188968.138892.215565618458534&type=3&l=44df186b4c

Sat 25th August 2012 – Fowey 

To be honest I have no idea of results! It poured with rain like a monsoon all day – I have never been so soaked! I think the Ladies A were 6th, but after that I have no idea!

Photos from Fowey here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.524924584189301.138891.215565618458534&type=3&l=78eb45b2f9

Sat 4th August 2012 – U’14’s Championships – Hayle

A Crew: 6-Bea, 5-Briony, 4-Joe, 3-Caitlin, 2-Zak, 1-Dot – raced in the Plate Final   

B Crew: 6-Michaela, 5-Georgina, 4-Jenna, 3-Jess, 2-Rosie, 1-Orla – Got through to the Quarter Finals and just missed out on a semi-final place. 

Our 2 crews rowed really well, considering for most of them, this was there 1st race!

Photos from U’14’s Championships here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.505292966152463.135664.215565618458534&type=3&l=712c31c73a

Sun 29th July 2012 – U’16’s Championships – Newquay

Crew: 6-Kyle, 5-Matt, 4-Joe, 3-Chris, 2-Kip, 1-Bea

Our young crew (2 x 14 year olds and 4 x 15 year olds) did brilliantly, having had very disrupted training this season due to the weather. The course is approx 2 thirds of the adult course, with 2 marks and we all know how hard Newquay can be! It’s a big jump from the 4-6 minute U’14 races!

They came 5th in their first round race qualifying for the quarter finals. Conditions were even tougher by the quarters and they battled round in big chop and swell. 

It was then into the Plate Final with a line up of 7 gigs. Padstow got in front and won it in style!
So overall they finished 13th. Well done to all of you!  

Photos from U’16 Championships here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.502381329776960.134927.215565618458534&type=1&l=2b8128ba22

Sat 28th July 2012 – Rame Tribute

One of our favourite events of the year! Great day & really hard races!

MA (6-Pete F, 5-Scott, 4-John O, 3-Carthy, 2-Ade, 1-Rob) – 15th overall

MB (6-Andy, 5-Bob, 4-Dave, 3-Sean, 2-Paul, 1-Neil) – 16th overall 

LA (6-Annie, 5-Emma M, 4-Caireen, 3-Ali, 2-Sarah, 1-Liz) – 8th overall   

LB (6-Ros, 5-Rachel, 4-Fiona, 3-Emma L, 2-Leisa, 1-Kate) – 11th overall  

MB (6-Andy, 5-Bob, 4-Dave, 3-Sean, 2-Paul, 1-Neil) – ? not sure! 

Photos from Rame here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.502378896443870.134925.215565618458534&type=1&l=e3670ba364

Sat 21st July 2012 – Paignton Tribute

Beautiful day at Paignton and some great racing!

MA (6-Pete F, 5-Scott, 4-John O, 3-Carthy, 2-Ade, 1-Matt) – 6th in 2nd heat – 18th overall

LA (6-Annie, 5-Emma M, 4-Caireen, 3-Ali, 2-Sarah, 1-Liz) – 8th in heat – 12th overall 

LB (6-Ros, 5-Emma L, 4-Fiona, 3-Kate, 2-Leisa, 1-Harriet) – 18th overall

MV (6-Ros, 5-Kate, 4-Sean, 3-Neil, 2-Paul, 1-Bob) – brought up the rear!

Mixed – (6-Annie, 5-Scott, 4-Pete F, 3-Carthy, 2-Sarah, 1-Emma L) – 8th 

Photos from Paignton here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.499784386703321.134331.215565618458534&type=1&l=861165c1df

Sat 14th July 2012 – Port Isaac

Finally an event that wasn’t cancelled! In fact, the sun came out for a while! Pretty rough rowing conditions though:

MV (6-John O, 5-Steve B, 5-Dave, 3-Pete W, 2-Bob, 1-Sean) – 5th

MB (6-John O, 5-Scott, 4-Pete F, 3-Steve B, 2-Bob, 1-Andy) – 3rd

LB (6-Ros, 5-Kate, 4-Fiona, 3-Liz, 2-Leisa, 1-Emma M) – 4th

MA (6-Annie, 5-Pete F, 4-John O, 3-Scott, 2-Jason, 1-Andy) – 5th 

LA (6-Annie, 5-Emma M, 4-Sarah, 3-Ali, 2-Ros, 1-Emma L) – 3rd

Photos from Port Isaac here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.496312713717155.133508.215565618458534&type=1&l=31c6705f8b

Sun 24th June 2012 – Helford

LB – 1st (whoop whoop!)

MB – 7th

Not sure whether anyone took any photos?

Fri 4th May to Sun 6th May – World Pilot Gig Championships

LV – 17th/59 crews

MV – 35th/64 crews

LA – 18th/125 crews

MA – 39th/120 crews

LB – 102nd/125 crews

MB – 107th/125 crews

Great weekend had by all!

PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.453323418016085.125996.215565618458534&type=3&l=af0842219e 

Sun 18th March 2012 – Bonnet Race Rock to Wadebridge and back

LA – 1st

LB – 5th

MB – 3rd (whoop whoop!)

MA – 2nd

Overall – 2nd 72 minutes (Rock 70 minutes)

PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.412995745382186.118612.215565618458534&type=3&l=0a46ebe680

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